Carlota Batres

Guided by Guerilla Science's human sexual selection expert, Dr. Batres, participants will go through daring experiments with strangers.

Carlota Batres

Modern masculinity is explored with Dr. Batres in the Swiss television program «Specimen» which focuses on human behavior, emotions, and neuroscience.

An episode titled "The science of attraction" written by Dr. Carlota Batres.

Know it Wall
Sensory Speed Dating
Carlota Batres
Lust, Sex, & Brains

Hosted by psychologist Carlota Batres, the event took Guerilla Science's audience through a series of sensational challenges based on cutting-edge research in neuroscience, genetics, and psychology.

Carlota Batres
You're the Expert

In a live show, a WBUR radio program, and a podcast hosted by Chris Duffy, three comedians will try to guess what Dr. Batres' research entails.

Carlota Batres

Figment Festival attendees were led by Dr. Batres to uncover how your senses, brain, and body react when you meet people.

Attraction Lab
Science of Attraction.jpg
Science of Attraction

Explore how physical attraction works with experiments and activities throughout the North Museum, then join us in the planetarium for our featured speaker, Dr. Carlota Batres.

Academic Minute

An episode titled "Does your environment change your emotional reactions?" written by Dr. Carlota Batres.

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ABC News

Segment including clips from an interview with Professor Batres on how makeup changes how people see you and how you see yourself