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What is attractive
The internet really has changed everything- maybe even what we find sexy
Masculinity, femeninity, age, height, dominance
So this is the age men are at their most attractive…
Expert on what we find attractive
Military training changes who we find attractive
Attraction expert
Rules of attraction: 10 biggest love myths exploded
Health, maternal, paternal, nurturing
Tough guys prefer their ladies on the larger side
Masculinity, femeninity, age, height, dominance
Girls who mature early ‘go for masculine men’
Masculinity, femeninity, age, height, dominance
Stressed men prefer heavier women
Masculinity, femeninity, age, height, dominance
People attracted to familiar faces, says new Scottish study
Why we find things attractive
The MENstrual cycle: It’s revealed women who start their periods early are more likely to be attracted to macho guys
Could wearing makeup in your early 30s be pointless?
Women’s sexual fluidity is reflected in preferences for male facial masculinity, study finds
2020-03-18 15_53_05-About.png
New study finds people are ‘blinded by beauty’
The internet is changing what we find attractive
Study Says Men In Makeup Are Considered More Attractive. Embrace Your Beauty, Boys!
Men In Makeup? Yes Please, Says New Research
Understanding preferences
Want to find more people attractive? Cancel your internet
Science behind who we love
Opposites don’t attract (in fact, we tend to fancy people who look very familiar)
Facial preferences
Five ways to look bigger than you
really are
Health, maternal, paternal, nurturing
Why stressed men prefer
larger women
Masculinity, femeninity, age, height, dominance
Women who see men as a risk to their kids prefer feminine male partners
Health, maternal, paternal, nurturing
Tall men in mid-thirties perceived to be most dominant
Beauty ideals are shaped by the internet
Masculinity, femeninity, age, height, dominance
Men prefer bigger women when
they’re stressed
Science behind who we love
Does your view of violence affect who you DATE? Men with feminine faces are preferred by women who see males as a threat
What Does Makeup Say About You?
Both males and females perceive women wearing makeup as more open to casual sex — and they’re wrong
2020-03-18 16_01_28-ZME Science_ not exa
Beauty goggles makes attractive people seem ‘intelligent and trustworthy’, study finds
People with Internet access find skinnier women, more muscular men attractive
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Scientific study shows men are considered more attractive when wearing makeup
New research on how makeup applied only to facial features increases perceived skin evenness
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